It’s that time of year that only comes around every 4 years that Canadians go ballistic over…

The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun!!

I’m filled with the crazy sense of national pride where I just want to shove it in everyone’s faces that I’m Canadian except everyone around me is also Canadian so that doesn’t really do anything except annoy them and then I’d have to apologize and buy them some timbits or something.

Seriously though, this is the place where Canada gets to shine and get recognition for being an actual formidable country and not just nice versions of americans. It’s very invigorating.

Because obviously my university and whoever planned the Olympics conspired together to make sure that I would be too busy to watch anything until reading week, I haven’t actually seen anything happen live. I did get the recap of all the highlights and blunders (Bermuda in bermuda shorts, the countries with only one representative, the glitch with the olympic rings, etc, etc) through tumblr along with everyone’s commentary and do make an effort to google the medal standings at least once a day! And, of course, whenever Canada wins a medal there is no way for escaping hearing about it within 0.2 seconds of it happening so I’m totally always up to speed on that.

Luckily, the Olympics run until the 23rd which gives me plenty of time to sit around and be lazy while I watch amazing athletes compete in the different events.

Some quick stats for y’all:

Alex Bilodeau who was the first Canadian to win gold on Canadian soil 4 years ago in Vancouver 2010 also became the first to defend his title two years in a row in men’s moguls!!

Mark McMorris, who claimed the first medal win of Canada’s for these Olympics, HAD BROKEN HIS RIB 2 WEEKS EARLIER (plus he’s a cutie)

– This actually is the first time in history the Canada has lead in the medal standings this early into the Olympics (summer or winter) with 7 medals and almost half of them gold as of right now. We come out on top at the last winter Olympics but it took us a while to get going.

So are YOU watching the Olympics? What’s your favourite event? Who are you cheering for?



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