Worst Texter Award

…goes to me.

Even though non-face to face communication is my preferred method of communication, I still somehow manage to make it unfun to talk to me.

First of all, there’s the fact that I always forget that I’m talking to you and just leave my phone somewhere in my house only to stumble onto it a couple hours later. I also do that thing where I read a text, reply to it in my head, put my phone down and then get annoyed when you don’t text me back.

And then there’s the fact that for some reason my brain can’t comprehend the length of a normal text like either it’s 5 paragraphs long or 3 really short two word sentences. Sometimes I score and get a decent length but most of the time my friends probably want to hit their head against a wall.

Lastly, I’m no good at showing emotions. I refuse to say lol and barely use emoticons. (But to be fair, I don’t have an iphone with all those emojis but you can bet your bottom dollar all I would punctuate my texts with would be the eggplant. Hands down.) If you can squeeze a smiley face out of me then congrats because that is not a regular occurrence.

eggplant emoji
definitely me

What about you guys? What’s your preferred mode of communication? How do you think you are at texting? Let me know!!


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