Shower Direction

It has come to my attention that there is a new controversy.

The toilet paper one about which side the end of the toilet paper roll should be on (top of bottom) is long history (with top winning) and a new discussion starter has emerged to take its place.

Do you shower facing away from the water or towards the water?

This is my answer: At first I thought it was crazy to face the shower; you’d get water in your face and it just doesn’t sound like a good time at all. Besides, all my hair is behind me and I’m pretty much washing my hair for the majority of my shower time so wouldn’t that make sense?

It was only when I was physically in the shower that I realized what I did. Most of the time I had my back to the shower but when lathering shampoo and conditioner into my hair, I had no choice but to turn facing the shower or else the water would prematurely rinse it out. Let me just make it clear that my face was not shoved under the water, if that was what anyone was picturing. I have more sense that that!

So I guess my answer is both. What’s yours?


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