If I Were Braver…

Have you ever wanted to do something ridiculous and nonsensical just to see how it would go?

I do. All the time. There’s so many things I want to experiment with just to see if I would like it or if it would look good but I am way too scared of their permanence for me to go through with any of them. Oh well, I guess I can live vicariously through other people. BUT that doesn’t stop me from making a list and letting all of the internet know what I’ve always wanted to do!

1. Side-shave haircut. Girls with that haircut are my favourite! I just can’t get over how hardcore that looks on people. It just looks effortlessly good and is so different. It’s funny whenever I tell someone that I’d actually be interested in having that because I am the opposite type of person that would get that. I’d more likely help you with your homework than beat you up in an alley but man, imagine looking like you could beat someone up in an alley but instead help them with their homework??

2. Dye it. My hair I mean. And not the whole thing actually, I really like the colour I have going on which gets prettier and lighter in the summer so I wouldn’t want to cover that up. I do like colours however so dip dying it is definitely an option! This is actually the most likely option to happen because I could totally do something over the summer that’s not really permanent. I think that some shade of blue on the tips of my hair wouldn’t look half bad and it’s not like it’ll take a lot of effort because I thankfully have light coloured hair already. Who knows. Stay tuned.

3. Eyebrow piercing. Falls under the same category as the first one: looks hardcore and unlike me so obviously I want to rebel and do it but I’m also thinking enough to know that it’s probably not a good idea. My mom would freak out. But I’ve actually been told before by different people that I could rock a small ring just around the side of my eyebrow. Apparently my bone structure is good for it?? But it’d be a nice decoration to an otherwise ordinary face.

I wonder if anyone else gets these urges to just go nuts with your body and not care about the consequences. If so, tell me about it! Bonus if you feel like convincing me that any of my ideas aren’t actually that bad you can go right ahead!


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