Pointing Out Puns

I am always on the fence about this.

Let’s say that you made an incredibly pun or joke and you real casual like slipped it into the conversation you’re having really excited for whomever you’re speaking to to notice. And then they don’t. What happens next? Do you become That Guy that needs to point out the fact that they made a joke for anyone to actually tell they did or do you let the moment slip by unnoticed?

I know that I myself have this awkward anticipatory smile that I do whenever I slip in a gorgeous pun that is the outward appearance of me waiting for you to get it. If you know me well enough you will notice it and actively search through your brain for anything that could pass as a funny but if you don’t then it probably looks like I just passed gas or something and this is the point where I’m faced with the dilemma.

Because it can go in very different directions if you stop the conversation to point it out. You can get genuine laughter and appreciation, they can totally not get it and you’ll have to explain it which is totally the worst thing to happen in your career as a funny person or they can get it but not thing it’s funny and do a little pity laugh. VERY TOUGH DECISION DO YOU GET IT NOW?

Oh well, I’m already known for my awkwardness and I guess I’ll point out that yesterday’s post, Musical Moods, was a play on “musical chairs” because you have to switch chairs really quickly and that’s what my mood is doing music-wise.



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