Musical Moods

Music is an integral part of my life.

I have a constant soundtrack playing in the background of my day to day activities that range quite a bit on the spectrum of All Music Out There. Not even shy about the smattering of punk, hipster, pop and movie soundtracks I have going on in my itunes.

But I’ve noticed there are sort of mood swings that I cycle through concerning my music. They can change at any second or go on forever and it’s really weird and I just want to make sure I’m not the only one here.

1. Every Song No Matter What. This usually happens when I’m doing my homework or there’s just something else that has my full attention with my music just playing as that happens. This is when they skip button gets a break and every song gets their chance in the limelight. When this happens, I’m just totally down to hear whatever song comes up next on shuffle and will hum along amicably probably. It’s a nice place to be where you’re just really content with your music situation.

2. No Song Is The Right Song. I hate when this happens. Picture this: you’re totally in the mood to listen to some sweet tunes and get a little funky (oh god how I embarrass myself) but none of the songs that start playing seem right. You feel? It’s like you’re bursting to hear a wonderful and fabulous song but you can’t for the life of you fine The One. So you’re left skipping through every song on the list or listening to one but still being a little dissatisfied. (Hint, that usually means you need to get cracking and add some more music)

3. Repeat. This situation is mostly when you’ve recently done a big haul of new music and it’s all shiny and not overplayed yet. You could have discovered a new band or your favourite artist might have just dropped a new album. Whatever the case may be, you make a playlist containing like 1 or 2 songs and then literally loop that until you physically cannot listen to it one more time and probably hate it for the next 24 hours. By then, you’ve memorized the lyrics and know the baseline by heart and just feel happy to have found that song. I am immensely guilty of pulling thing move. I think it was on Tuesday that I played a song 46 times in a row before I called it quits.

4. Dance Party. This is happens when you’re feeling wild and hyper and like you need to make a ruckus. Dance parties of 1 are one of the literal best things on the planet. No one is judging you, except perhaps your cat, and you can yell-sing the lyrics you know by heart and make up the ones you don’t all the while jumping around in your room being as crazy as you feel. All the up beat songs are wonderful for this sort of thing but don’t underestimate bringing our your inner ballerina for the slow ones.

Music is just one of those things that makes me glad to be alive and in a world where this is so much of it. Gah, I’m just so happy.


6 thoughts on “Musical Moods

  1. Karen sort of off-topic but I just have to say I smile every time I see your blog title. It took me a minute to decipher it, but it is so cute and so clever. As for the music, yes I have a healthy playlist on the phone. I use that mainly for my walks. Those songs are all high-energy. I also have been experimenting with Spotify, Pandora and Earbits to listen to songs I am not familiar with. This is my main means of finding new music (other than friends’ recommendations) as I absolutely abhor top 40 radio anymore. I find Spotify to be the most diverse, but all serve their purpose.

    • Thank you so much!! I had never been able to think of a pun for my name and one day that popped into my head and it felt perfect!!
      Finding new music is one of the best feelings, those are awesome ways to do it!

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