Little known fact about me: I am a Hobbit fangirl.

Not Lord of the Rings that much, really just The Hobbit. I first read the book in grade 7 when I found it in my English teacher’s shelves, not really knowing what it was about or that it was in any way linked to Lord of the Rings. So yeah, I read it and I loved it for some reason and have loved it ever since! I think it was the fact that this was purely an adventure, nothing going on on the side with a purpose and destination, along with the fact that I sympathized with Bilbo. Murkwood was cool, Smaug was cool, the ring, Gollum and their riddles were cool. It just really stuck in my 11 year old brain.

I’ve reread it twice since then, which is actually a lot in my case since I rarely reread books even if they’re my favourite. (Usually I will read them in french. Just because I can.) One of those times was actually for the summer camp I work at. We were having a hobbit themed week and I wanted to have everything fresh in my mind. I actually got to play Kili, who was my favourite BEFORE THE MOVIES because he was the youngest and his name starts with the same letter as mine, and went full out with my hobbit costume, even creating a beard out of my hair. There’s quite a few pictures on facebook BUT no way am I sharing them here.

Having said all this, I was absolutely pumped when I heard about the hobbit movie. Still not sure why they need 3 2 and a half hour movies for that little book but I’m not complaining.

Loved loved loved that casting of Martin Freeman as Bilbo, man he plays the reluctant adventurer quite well. And Kili well hello there… Anyways, I’ve seen both movies that have already come out and many were they ever amazing. Of course, they strayed off course – a little in the first one and a lottle in the second – but it’s almost forgiven for how well the overall movie was made. If you want actual reviews of the hobbit movies, just give me a holler and I’ll do it!

What about you guys? What are you crazy about? Any thoughts on the hobbit?


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