New Words & New Friends

Yesterday was a good day.

I know I’ve complained about my schedule to you guys before but I’m actually warming up to it now! Being at school for 14 hours, I was pretty much dead by the end of it but right now after I had a good night’s sleep and am actually fully functional, it was a pretty sweet day. This is the part where I tell you about it.

Canadian BeavertailsDSC_2835-450

I had physics first thing which probably sounds like the opposite of a good thing but it’s one of my favourite classes! And to boot I understood all the problems we did in class AND we didn’t write as much as usual so my hand doesn’t hate me. Then came a 3 hour break in which I braved the freezing cold to stand in line for free beavertails and maple taffy with a friend. Worth it.

Cue a second three hour break (Yes, I am at school without classes for the same amount of time my little sister is at school in total. Just let that sink in.) in which I chilled with a friend, had food (always worth mentioning), and was productive in a way that didn’t feel very productive and therefore didn’t tire me out as much, Bonus.


I then had a class in which I know the most people (we take up a whole row) and when I see that I get proud of myself for being social and knowing that many people. Other thing that happened in that class was that I sat beside and talked to one of those friends which should have been awkward because of recent circumstances but was decidedly not. Score.

Had a quick calculus tutorial and by this time it was 7pm and time for my final class of the day. There’s this really snazzy thing about my campus which is the fact that there’s a bus stop on either end making it a thing to be able to hop on one bus and get off at the next stop to save you from a 10 minute walk and entering your class late. So I did that and here’s where the first meeting-of-a-new-person happened because I sat beside a boy who went to the exact same place as me. So now I know n+1 mechanical engineers!

Hands down my favourite class is Intro to Mechanical Engineering. We were learning more 3D modelling techniques and I was pretty much making a fool out of myself getting all excited about all the parts we were creating. My apologies to all the friends I sent random snapchats too with no description and just a picture of a hubcap or something. My second friend and first word happened in this class. This dude sat beside my buddy in our row of three (first row, of course) and we all ended up talking and then the word popped up during the lecture. It’s “knurling“. For some reason, I kill myself laughing every time I hear or think it. Don’t ask me why. And if you’re wondering what it means, it’s just a surface pattern on some tools. Pretty nifty, eh?


(Question: Do you guys like this kind of post? Is my life and/or how I go about telling you about it a good thing to see here or something you’ll skip over until I tell you another science fact or review another movie? I loooove feedback!)


4 thoughts on “New Words & New Friends

  1. Yes I like this type of post, sort of like reading someone else’s diary. Call me nosy! I enjoy writing this style also because it sort of demands that I get out there and do something worth writing about! p.s I did not know that texture had its own name. I love the feel of it in my hand.

  2. Yes, I enjoy reading your posts. It makes me pleased that my school days are well and truly behind me. I thought it was hectic back in the day but your days sound a frightful rush. 14-hour days, I wouldn’t keep up.

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