How To Speak Karen

I have an odd way with words.

Not anything captivating that’ll make you want to listen to me for days on end. (kind of ironic that I also run this blog and expect you to want to follow me and hear what I have to say every single day but we’re going to look past that.) I just have a lot of phrases and words that I say on the regular so express any emotion really. And it’s really noticeable and stands out because they’re just not that normal.

I go through phases where every second word I say is a certain word. I can’t even help it. I hear it on TV or get it from a friend and then my vocabulary slowly migrates into only containing that word and just basic stuff.

Here are a couple stand outs that I split into little mini categories for your convenience:

What I call other people (regardless of gender)

– Dude

– Man

– Bro

– Gurl

Adjectives (mainly stolen from the 70s)

– Sweet

– Rad

– Heckie

– Snazzy

– Nifty

When you say my name

– Whattup

Miscellaneous phrases

– Cool beans

– Fo shizzle

– Calme toi

– Snap crackle pop

– This is true

– *adjective* and a half

While my mind is being blown

– Yoooooooooooooo

– Duuuuuuuuuude

Yes, you don’t have to tell me, I sound like an idiot for saying any of these out loud but like I said, can’t really help it. Some are easing off like “snap crackle pop” and “awesomesauce” is pretty much dead from my vocab may it rest in peace and never come back to haunt me.

What’s great though about having a pretty unique lexicon is that you can actually catch it seeping into your friends’ phrasebooks. Like they’ve hung out enough with you that you can have that kind of influence on them. Pretty snazzy.

Tell me any funny things you find yourself saying a lot! Are there any you have in common with me? And of my words that you are judging me pretty harshly on for using?


5 thoughts on “How To Speak Karen

  1. Yes to ‘dude’ and ‘awesome’, gotta throw ‘cool’ in there, too, but without the beans. Yes to ‘bummer’. For mind-blowing, ‘Get Outta Here’. and of course ‘No Way’. I did steal ‘redonkulous’ from my daughter a while ago but haven’t used it lately. Jeez, I need some new expressions!

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