Furry Situation

As you may have guessed from the plethora of posts about the weather, It’s winter here.

I’ve had the same winter boots for about 6 years if I’m going to be completely honest and my jacket for two but it was a hand me down. (I just really hate change and shopping so I never got around to buying new things these previous winters.) SO I figured with all the changes in my life, aka university, I should switch it up. 

I don’t know when this happened but it seems like every article of outdoor clothing for women has fur all over it. Around the hood, at the cuffs, around your ankles. So much fur!! And pretty much all of it is fake but finding a pair of good, waterproof boots without a ring of fluff along the top was next to impossible. I’m better off buying rainboots that are a couple sizes too big and then wearing 24 pairs of socks with it for insulation. I guess it’s fashionable or whatever but I just find all that faux fur really annoying. Like on your hood, what is it actually doing for you except catching even more snowflakes and then getting tangled up in your hair? No thank you.

This is probably only a thing that I think about and most likely I’m the only one that cares enough to make an entire blog post devoted to this topic BUT STILL.

Do you guys have any pet peeves about fashion trends that you’re dying to get out in the open? Share away!

(Oh and I did manage to find a jacket that not only doesn’t have hood fur, but doesn’t have a hood entirely! Score! And also checkmark next to the boots.)


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