Relative Temperatures

Living in Canada, I see this all too often.

Temperature is a completely relative thing. Here, our temperature can range from 30 degrees celsius to -30 degrees celsius. So 10 degrees in the fall is completely different in the fall than in the spring.


Definitely wearing a sweater, maybe a light jacket. Zipped up, warm shoes, not down to play sports or really do anything except take walks outside. Complaining about the cold weather. Possibly talking about how early winter started this year.


Tshirts. Or sweatered. No jackets though. Rainboots, running shoes not really insulated footwear. Excited & happy. Willing to go outside with any reason.

I don’t know if anyone else notices these changes in people around them during the transition months, just think it’s sort of interesting how we perceive temperatures based on what we’ve been experiencing recently.


3 thoughts on “Relative Temperatures

  1. Definitely true! I hate the fact that we always want summer in the winter and winter in the summer! xD I understand the Canada temp a little (I live rather close to Canada, close enough to understand the cold).

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