Christmas Haul

It’s about time I tell you what I got for Christmas.

Let me first say that Christmas is a small affair around my place; just my mother, sister and I. And we never do big presents like I see other families do. For me, it’s completely normal to get a whale magnet or a pomegranate as a present. It’s just how we do it. This year wasn’t that random but here are the highlights:

fox scarf

– Sesame Street bandaids

– a fox scarf

– hand sanitizer

– wool socks



– Fantastic Mr. Fox DVD

– purple moleskin journal

– Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

– a cutting board

– goldfish that tasted like vanilla cupcakes

foxy tshirt

– a fox tshirt

As you can tell, I’m kind of obsessed with foxes and my family definitely knows this.

Anyway, this was a fantastic Christmas, I still can’t believe it happened already, man where did the time go? (I’m starting to sound really old right now I’ll just stop)


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