HTTYD2 Trailer!!

You don’t understand how much I adore How To Train Your Dragon.

It is the one book to movie adaptation where I can honestly say that I liked the movie better. But more on that later.

There is a sequel and it’s coming on June 13th last I checked!! That means we get more of awkward/adorable Hiccup and Dragon antics and just life on Berk now that dragons aren’t a bad thing anymore. Very excited in how they portray that.

This trailer is pretty intriguing, giving us a glimpse of what it might be about. Looks like a huge battle face-off and then of course there’s that part with Hiccup’s mom existing?? Also possible new dragon species to get to know!
They mentioned in the trailer that their world got bigger, which makes sense since they can fly around on dragonback so looking forward to new scenery as well! Basically I just want more of their world and lives is that too much to ask for?

Something I found kind of nifty was that Hiccup and the rest of the characters actually aged. Like he was 13 or something before and adorable but now HELLO can you please be 18 so that it’s less creepy for me to find you attractive. Stupid dreamworks and their stupid attractive animated characters that I love.

Only 152 days ’til it’s in theatres! But until that happens, here’s the trailer.


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