It’s actually one of my favourite things to learn about.

I can’t get enough of it. Blood just has so many cool properties and it does so much for your body that I just can’t not be interested in it. For example, did you know that blood cells don’t have a nucleus? They don’t need one for daily functions so they just do away with them to make more room for shuttling your nutrients around your body!

Another cool thing about blood is that you can give some of it away and not die! Only when everything is sterilized and all plus your blood types need to match*. (Had to clarify because I kind of worded it as if you could do an exchange in the hallways of your school just like some people used to pierce their ears at my old school…..)

Here in Canada, you only have to be 17 and fit a couple requirements in height/weight and iron levels to be able to donate! I go whenever I can because it just makes me feel good, y’know? I certainly don’t miss any of it; my body will just make some more in a matter of hours. And it can save the lives of up to three people! What’s not to love about that! Of course, I don’t get squeamish around blood, I’m that creepy girl that watches the needle go in but I’ve seen people who are not very big fans donate and they came out just fine.

Tell me about your blood experiences! What type do you have? (I’m O+) Do you think I’m crazy for being this excited? Have you ever given blood? Are you thinking of doing it? (In Canada it’s really easy to book an appointment online right here:

*You don’t actually always need the exact same blood type to give yours to someone else. There’s a whole system based on what antibodies and antigens each type has. Here’s a chart to make things simple: blood type chart


5 thoughts on “Blood.

  1. […] 6. Be less anemic. I’m not actually anemic I’m just on the verge. But it’s enough for me not to be able to donate blood like 52% of the time which is super annoying so eating iron rich foods and all that good stuff is going to be mandatory for this year. Donating is the bomb. […]

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