Winter in Canada

Man, it was cold today.

The temperature stayed around -30 degrees celsius the whole day and it was brutal. It’s not like back in high school where you got to school and then didn’t have to go outside until the end of the day. Nope, in university you have to trek outside every class, unless you want to take the super long secret tunnels but who has time for that? Nope, you need to put on all your winter garb and head out of doors into the bitterly cold and extremely windy environment.

When Canadians complain about the weather (minus Toronto, they complain about everything), you know it’s a big deal. And it was today. I think a bunch of public schools were closed for the day (and one university, guess who? Toronto.) and there were warnings all over the place.

The gist of it was that frozen rain had happened yesterday so the ground was covered in ice, the air was really dry and just bit into any exposed flesh you had (my poor ears!) and the wind just blew through whatever layers you had on. Not fun.

I managed to stay inside for most of the day except for when I helped a couple friends buy their textbooks AND that one time when a couple friends and I, led by a crazy person, decided to go skating on an outdoor skating rink. I know! We were so not thinking. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been but it was still horrible as hecky. The one upside was that no one else was skating so there was tons of room and the ice was really smooth. And that’s what we Canadians live for: smooth ice.

Later this week plans on being warmer though so thank goodness for that. I’m all complained out.


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