Resolutions 2014

Not off to a good start here, especially considering one of my resolutions.

It’s a few days into the year of 2014 so I figured it would be a good time to make my resolutions publicly on the internet. That way, when I fail miserably, more people will be able to point and laugh. I’ve never been too big on resolutions; I like to make big, life-changing decisions at an easier time like, for example, not in the dead of winter. But it’ll be good to have them written down for when I want them.

1. Stop procrastinating. This is a serious issue in my life that can easily be resolved with me just doing stuff when I get it. Much less stress, and better quality output. I seriously don’t understand myself. And looking at the syllabi (syllabuses??) for my coming semester, there is literally no time to slack off. I just need to go hard for the next 4 months and then I’ll be free!

2. Be less selfish. Now, I’m not a horrible person but I do notice things about myself that I don’t like. And I’d like to change that. It’d be super cool to put other people first and have that become a habit pretty much, instead of it taking effort. Even little things like giving my sister the bigger bowl of ice cream even though I scooped it for everyone. I have very good role models within my friends and family so hopefully by following their lead I’ll succeed!

3. Read 100 books. This normally isn’t a big deal for me. I usually read more than 100 books per year, according to my Goodreads, but this past year fell very, very short of my goal. I know exactly what went wrong though: 1) I didn’t read a single book the entire summer because of camp, 2) I started university which takes a lot of effort and 3) I got a laptop which is just a gateway drug to procrastination. Not going to be at camp for the entire time this summer and hopefully will learn to manage my time which should equate to more books read!!

4. Clean my room. Like deep clean. Scour through every box and corner under my bed, in my desk or in my closet and just make it nice. The outside looks nice (sometimes) but there’s so much hiding in all the nooks and crannies so I think it’s time to fix that.

There we have it! Tell me your resolutions, if you have any. And if you have any advice for how to achieve mine, then, by all means, let me know!


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