No spoilers in this post though. This post is in spoilers! Wait, about. This post is about spoilers.

It has recently come to my attention after certain events that I kind of like spoilers. I really like knowing what’s going to happen and being able to adjust my reaction accordingly. Being taken by surprise is one of those things that I don’t actually like experiencing because I feel caught of guard and need time to recuperate.

This is backed up by my need to flip around in a book and read random lines just so that I can get a feel for what’s to come. Sometimes I’ve completely ruined a love triangle for myself by catching that one key sentence near the back of the book. But I really don’t care. I’ll obviously still read it.

The best example I’ve got for this is when I started watching How I Met Your Mother last year. This show has 8 seasons and it’s not a secret what happens in them. So literally the entire time I was watching right from the first episode, I was just waiting for you know who to get together. I think it made it more pleasurable because then I could root for them and relish in every little moment they had because I knew that it was all building up to this one thing instead of having different theories but ultimately keeping my mind open because anything could happen.

Recently, I accidentally went on Tumblr the day that Sherlock season three premiered and of course everyone had gone crazy so there were gifs everywhere and I saw many things but I really don’t think it takes away from my viewing pleasure to know what’s to come. It just makes me more excited!

What about you guys? Are you adamant to not know what happens until you see it with your own eyes? How do you take to crazy plot twists? Tell meeeeee


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