Yesterday was the first day of 2014 but more importantly THE DAY SHERLOCK SEASON THREE STARTED. It has been two whole years since we last same anything new which is definitely not healthy for obsessive fans.

Let me get this out of the way: this will NOT be a spoiler-free post. If you don’t want to be spoiled, simply stop reading. If you’ve already watched, you may carry on. And if you’re like me and actually kind of enjoy spoilers, then go ahead.

The whole thing was so surreal. There was just way too much to take in, from Anderson being a hardcore Sherlock-is-alive dude to all those kisses!! The dialogue was amazing and there were so many beautiful, giffable moments. Check out my tumblr for my favourite internet reactions and gifsets.

So let’s talk characters. Sherlock managed to become more human with all his emotions yet still couldn’t get it quite right with John right off the bat. His confusion at why John was not ecstatic at his return two years later after dying by pretending to be a french waiter was just beautiful. “John is not happy with this? But I was so clever??”

Then Molly, who’s pretty much my favourite character because I’m the most like her: awkward, science-y and in love with Sherlock, gets the BEST SCENES EVER. Like at the very beginning she gets the most knee-weakening kiss from Sherlock himself (yes it was all in Anderson’s head. no I do not care) which I may have replayed multiple times and then she gets the most sincere gratitude/apology from Sherlock. Unheard of and definitely necessary after how he’s treated her in past episodes. I just had so many feelings about her!! Oh and at the end when everyone’s eyeing Tom, Molly’s fiance, because he’s dressed exactly like Sherlock, that actually took me a while to understand. //shame

Mrs. Hudson was adorable as always, her reactions were basically my reactions when Sherlock and friends were chilling at 221B. Sad that there wasn’t very much Lestrade and what was up with Sherly forgetting his name?? Graham? Really? And I want to like Anderson and his complete reversal but I’m really just weirded out by it. He’s like one of those gross things you find outside that make you want to poke it with a stick to see what’s in it but also just want to burn it and everything around it.

And finally John and Mary. SO ADORABLE. John and his moustache that really did age him and all his facial expressions and sassyness. Mary and every little thing about her. She is the chillest and coolest person ever! “Sherlock’s not dead? Interrupting my awkward marriage proposal? Nbd, I might even side with him after John beats him up” – Mary’s thoughts probably. So excited to see more of her and the bromance that seems to be popping up between her and Sherlock. If there was any way to placate the Johnlock shippers, this was it.

I basically talked about everything that happened in this episode by doing those character brain dumbs (sneaky me) so that’s basically it. Except for that beautiful montage between Sherlock and John where they’re completing each other’s sentences was so well done like bless you Gatiss! Oh and WHO PUTS AN OFF SWITCH ON A BOMB but the thing is I ain’t even mad. But I could be mad about how we don’t actually really know how he did it. There was never a definite answer and that makes me antsy. I wonder if they’ll keep doing those theories until the actual one pops up? Or if the one he told Anderson was the real deal?

I leave you now with my favourite quotes:

“Oh, please. Killing me? That’s so two years ago.” — Sherlock


“I like trains.” — That Guy


“I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes.” — John Watson


“F-cough” — Sherlock & John


“What’s his name?”

“I’m not gay.”

— Mrs. Hudson & John


“Not how I would’ve done it.” — Anderson


“Use your mind palace!!” — John


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