aka Movie The Third since Disney decided to title things with adjectives. (Previously: Tangled, Brave)

Frozen was a surprise to me since I hadn’t grown up with this fairytale. It’s based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson which is from Denmark and from which I am not. I have no clue what the original story is like but from some quick internet research, I know that it’s nothing like it. But that is beside the point because I am sharing my thoughts on the movie.

First of all, can somebody please explain how Elsa has her magic snow powers?? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Where did they come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe? If lots of people had magic powers, okay, I’d get it but literally no one else does AND apparently it’s not normal cause all the visitors got scared when she revealed them. Just putting that out there that you need to explain absolutely everything in a movie for me to not go crazy. Too late now.

eye comparison

Second peeve, their stupid eyes. Anna and Elsa’s eyes took up about three quarters of their faces which is not normal. Just look at this little comparison I cooked up with Cinderella and Elsa. The difference in their eyes though… They just keep on getting bigger! Soon all our animated females will look like Mike Wazowski. 

Other than those, I kind of enjoyed it! The singing seemed really forced and awkwardly inserted into the movie but the songs, especially Let It Go, were well done. I saw it a little late so there had been time for people to gif parts of it on tumblr. One of those things was Olaf the snowman. I was SO READY to be exasperated by him during the movie because he just looked dumb but I couldn’t help but love him. Man,  he just had some really good lines. My favourite for some odd reason was “I don’t have a skull”. He just looked so serious saying that.

Now, let’s talk characters. Anna was perf. She was energetic and said her mind and was wrong sometimes which is ok because girls and princesses don’t need to be perfect!! She fell over, she looked funny when she woke up, she said she was gassy and every time she broke that “girls must be perfect at all times” rule I did a little dance. It was amazing how much she loved her sister and it was really cool for that relationship to be one of the most important ones in the movie.

Not even going to talk about Kristoff and Hans. My feeble heart cannot handle thinking about that. There was so much drama and cuteness and Audible Gasp-worthy moments that I’m just going to let you either agree with me if you’ve already watched it or prepare yourself for them if you have not.

Animation-wise, am I the only person that misses the 2D drawing of the classic disney princesses? I just feel like that suits it more. I get other movies becoming 3D cause animation got better and all but the princesses just seem better like the originals. Tiana from the Frog Princess was a new movie made with the original drawing and I absolutely adored it! Nothing wrong with staying classic.

Your turn! What were your opinions of Frozen? Did it meet expectations or drastically fall short? Favourite character? Favourite Olaf line? And if you haven’t seen it, will you?


3 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. I thought some of the same things. It seemed kind of rushed and not as developed. I didnt understand why things happened or explain teh characters as much and left thinking I missed something somehow. The villain kind of was thrown in at the last minute. It was good just not spectacular in my opinion.

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