aka “Obsessions: Part 1” (Oh yes, part one of many)

I am interested in a plethora of things that range from super popular and normal to obscure and kind of really weird. This one is closer to the latter in the scale.

I am really interested in handedness and everything about it. If you’re fully right or left handed, if you are a mix (aka cross-dominance) and how it affects your life. I myself am cross dominant which is probably why I find all this so fascinating. I write with my right hand and do most other things with my left hand and something things it really doesn’t matter. I’m left handed for most sports which sometimes gives me the upper hand like in badminton as people usually smash towards your bad hand which is normally your left hand so sometimes they won’t notice that they’re hitting the birdie directly at my racquet. I cut with my right hand but I always seem to pick up scissors with my left. And I used my phone with my left hand and that always gets in the way of the headphone jack. So there are ups and down but I’m still really proud of being a little different.

As for other people, my friends can attest that I always notice – and usually point out – when people are not right handed. Animated movies, tv commercials or just random people. I look for it so much that I can just tell right away when someone is writing with their left hand. It just really intrigues me to know.


1/10 of the world population is left-handed

Macs were actually made for left handers; a lot of important plugs are all found on the left side.

Left handers are usually more right brained


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