Boy Story

So I was hanging out at my friend’s house, playing catanSettlers of Catan, as you do, with what else but a group of boys. There’s like 5 dudes in that house as roommates so it’s a common occurrence there.

Anyways, while it wasn’t my turn, one of the boys that wasn’t playing and was just sitting around watching asked me if I had any brothers.

I replied with the fact that there are literally no males in my house, unless you count my cat.

He then gestured at the scene and pointed out the fact that I might not be used to such a thing happening then.

But I got the last laugh when I dramatically whispered at him “I’m in engineering.”

Just thought this was kind of a funny story plus I need to work on my story-telling skills, if you’re ever around me in real life, never ask me to tell stories because they never ever end well.

The end.


(ps: That title though!! It incorporates the general gist of this post AND is randomly a play on “Toy Story”. Hehe. I’ll shut up now.)

Birthday Countdown

birthday cake

I get irrationally excited about birthdays.

It’s a pretty weird thing that I do, especially considering I haven’t had a real birthday party since grade 8 or something but birthdays, mine or anybody else’s, are still super exciting to me.

I like going full out with things, usually concerning cards and cakes and I also get super stressed about picking the more perfect birthday present that’s the right amount of suited especially for their likes and taste with a dash of funny or silly.

I should definitely do a post on the cakes my sister has received from me. Man, get reading to be amazed.

Anyway, on this day, there is only one month left until my birthday which is my self made starting point to when I can get super excited about the arrival of my birthday. My friends most definitely hate me during this time period because I’m full of fun facts like: “hey. hey. guess what. 4 WEEKS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!! I’m going to be 19, isn’t that crazy?? Wait, where are you going…”

I promise I’ll try to tone it down on this blog, maybe just weekly reminders? I’m so selfless. It’s just so exciting!


My friends and I were talking yesterday and somehow the conversation of motorcycles came up.

One dude was talking about how much fun it was to ride them and the rush you get while me and someone else were staring at him like he had two heads or something because nothing sounded more unappealing then careening around on a motorized bicycle that was pretty unstable.

But then we realized that, given the chance, we would most definitely ride on the back of a motorcycle as someone else was driving and controlling it.

It seems like we actually do like the adrenaline rush that comes from zooming around at ridiculous speeds as long as we are not in charge and whatever happens is not our choice, if that makes any sense.

Of course, he thought we were crazy but we were soon finding parallels in other things. for example:

- Skydiving while strapped to someone else, but never on my own

- roller coasters since all you have to do is sit and enjoy the ride

It seemed that as long as we weren’t running the show and every move after actually starting said semi-dangerous activity wasn’t a product of our decisions then we were fine. Fabulous actually.

Weird how our perception of risk works…


I just found out that this was a thing.

I’m not the biggest on super hero movies for some reason (actually I know the reason and I may explain it to you later on) but this one really intrigued me! It could be the fact that her powers don’t seem that conventional, from what I can see from this trailer, or, as tumblr kindly pointed out and went nuts over, the fact that this is a super hero movie with a female lead. The sad thing is that this is unheard of and pretty groundbreaking. It shouldn’t be but equality’s gotta start somewhere.

The only thing that made me cringe and want to call the creators of this movie and just rant at them for a couple of hours is that they used the made-up fact that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity. Like no, we use 100% of it and a quick internet search could’ve told you exactly that. Really embarrassing for them. And I’m not sure if the basis of the movie is that Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) is using more than 10% of her brain and that’s why she’s so super extra cool or if they just played it up more in the trailer than it actually shows up in the film. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m definitely going to be watching this when it comes out and I hope it gets a little more popular since it’s coming out this year and I’m not sure many people have heard of it!

I’m Lame

So this post-a-day business isn’t really working out.

And it makes me sad. I mean, it started out pretty promising, I would miss one day, oops, but then I’d just write two posts the next day and everything goes back to normal. If only that was the case now. At the moment, I’m skipping days at a time and then only popping back in to share a picture of my nails or something. (Not dissing my nail art skills, it just isn’t very nice of me to only show my face again in a really short, non effort type post)

NOTE: If all goes to plan though, I am going to use my four month summer to go back in time and fill in the missing days just because I have to prove this one thing to myself.

It’s really embarrassing though, like I’ve started to create recurring posts so that I wouldn’t have to think of ideas on the spot and could possibly plan and schedule them in advance but so far I’ve already missed three! Like how hard is it, Karen!

I would cut myself a little more slack if I had actually been using my down time well but to give you a little picture of what my life is, I started this post while the sun was still up in the sky and then I descended into the world of lying down with my laptop on my stomach watch himym interviews, took a nap, did my hair and ate some cake before returning here to finish the rest of this. Like I have an exam in 5 days that I could totally have been studying for, but instead I won 2048 for the 3rd time.

The reason I’m telling this is partly because it’s been on my mind and I need to let my fingers type it out before they can type anything else and so that I can hold myself accountable by making this public.

Thanks for listening, eh.

2048 (hours wasted)

First there was Flappy Bird, now there’s 2048.

And I have to say, I’m actually a fan of this one! Unlike some other app fads, it actually takes some skill and thinking to achieve your goal.

It has a super simple concept: just move the tiles around, making the similar times mesh into one tile that’s twice as big concerning the number amount on it. The game is aptly named 2048 because you win when you get a time with 2^11 on it!

I’ve seen it being played everywhere by tons of people. In class obviously on people’s laptops in front of me, by my friend who told me it was dumb and a waste of my time when I first started playing it and legitimately by my camp leader while she was in labour. For real.

I know the question that’s on all of your minds, namely, have I personally beat the game yet? How dare you doubt me! Of course I have! It took some figuring out of a plausible strategy but now I can get to 512 quickly without breaking a sweat. I’ve beaten the game exactly 3 times (although two of those times were on mobile) and here’s my screenshot to prove it:

Screenshot (92)


Have you guys heard of this game? Do you think it’s dumb or are you as obsessed as me?

Happy Dance

Today I found out that I had the 4th highest mark in my mechanical engineering class!! This is a real pick-me-up after school being pretty tough for the past while!

April Fool’s was yesterday. I got pranked once but it wasn’t even that good and then I was on guard the entire rest of the day so I saw through all the internet ones out there.

Youtube and Goodreads went hardcore with theirs though!!

What about you guys, prank anyone? Did you fall for anything??

March Masterpost


the bitter kingdom - rae carsonThe Bitter Kingdom – Rae Carson

Loved loved loved the ending to this trilogy! Seriously, The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy is one of the more underrated series in the YA genre. I had been reading a lot of contemporary and hardcore dystopian books so it was great to read this one and get a change of pace with some pure fantasy. I love Elisa and how resourceful she is. She is an amazing lead character that isn’t always perfect but strives towards it which is honestly even better to read about as she interacts with other characters and makes big, scary decisions. The ending was very satisfactory, everyone came out all around better than when they started out and there were so many climaxing moments and twists that I basically devoured it in a matter of hours. One thing I was kind of sad about that I shall try not to spoil was how she finally got comfortable and good with that one thing (you’ll know if you’ve read the book) and then it was gone by the end. But that’s very minor. I definitely recommend this series to everyone, such perfection!!

the coldest girl in coldtown - holly blackThe Coldest Girl In ColdtownHolly Black

I thought this book was dumb but I still really enjoyed reading it if that makes any sense??? The concept and the romance and just a lot of things in this book had me rolling my eyes right out of their sockets but it was written in just the right way that made me want to know what happens next and hope for the best for the characters. For some reason, while reading it, I really wanted to see pictures of all the characters. Like does Gavriel look classically good looking or modernly so? What exact shade of blue are Midnight and Winter’s hair? What does Valentina look like? I might be perusing the tag on tumblr for some fanart…

cress - marissa meyerCressMarissa Meyer

This book. How, Marissa, how did you manage to make yet another stellar novel that actually rivals your first two books? Like doing it once with Scarlet is okay but then here you are blowing me away with Cress! I learned so many new things! I fell in love with even more characters! I felt so invested in book that everything that happened to Cinder and the gang (hehe reminds me of Scooby and the Gang) I felt like it happened to me personally as well. Very interesting plot development, I am completely at a loss to how you’re going to tie everything up in Winter – which comes out IN AN ENTIRE YEAR I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG – which is a good thing! I know I’m going to be amazed so not having a clue how that will go about happening just adds to it!

What was also great was that I had lent my copy of Cinder to my friend and I was getting all her commentary about it in the same time span that I was reading Cress so it was like getting all these awesome flashbacks!

infinityglass - myra mcentireInfinityglassMyra McEntire

This book was quite good. I had never book too invested in this series from the beginning and it didn’t help that they switched main characters every book and that I didn’t remember most of everything that had previously happened (this was the 3rd and final book in the series) so I had a grand old time reorienting myself to the plot and who everyone actually was. The romance was cheesy but I enjoyed it, especially the part at the very end where everyone has someone, so cute!

racing savannah - miranda kenneallyRacing Savannah – Miranda Kenneally

The cheese in this book though! Gotta love it though since it’s a Miranda Kenneally book and there’s horses. It was a fun read, good laughs and just reading through the interactions between Savannah and Vanessa, Rory and Jack. Real pleaser. The one thing that got a little annoying was how selfless Savannah seemed to be. I don’t know, it just seemed a tad overdone, not hating on being selfless, I should work on that! Loved seeing past characters getting cameos, always a bonus and can’t wait until the next book!


DivergentSee my actual review that I actually did!


Crazy – The Tragic Thrills

Creeps and Strangers – The Tragic Thrills

The Garden – The Tragic Thrills

YOLO – The Lonely Island ft. Adam Levine

Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Brick By Boring Brick (string quartet version) – VSQ

Nicotine – Panic! at the Disco

Almost There – The Frog Princess Soundtrack

Little Numbers - BOY

Happy Sad Songs & Sad Happy Songs – The Gregory Brothers

Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles


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