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Tea and Coffee Rant

Unpopular opinion: I’ve never been a fan of tea or coffee.

Both of them just don’t appeal to me in any way and I do know some of the draw for drinking them is the caffeine and energy boost but they’re both so nasty I don’t know why you would do that to yourself. (Obviously because everyone is different and doesn’t have identical tastes! How magical!)

coffee-with-beansBut hear me out, when we’re talking coffee, most people say it’s an acquired taste. That’s just fancy talk for desensitizing your tastebuds to a flavour that you don’t actually like until you’re able to drink it. It’s so bitter and gross looking and the only way I’d be able to drink it myself is with tons of sugar and milk until it’s at the point of being really unhealthy. Not to add the fact that caffeine is a drug that you literally get addicted to and while that in itself is not the end of the world, you have to deal with finding coffee for yourself regularly or face the consequences. I don’t want to be dependent on a drink for how well I can function! That’s unreasonable! (A lot of people get told that you become a coffee drinker in university and it just happens to you there’s no way to change it and while I did see it happen to a bunch of my friends, a lot of us stuck it to the man and managed to pass 3 semesters of mechanical engineering without caffeine)

As for tea, I like to think of it as slightly flavoured hot water. Mmmmm delicious. Not really. The flavours that tea comes intea are not the problem here. In this case, it’s the fact that there’s only a hint of it usually and that what you can mostly taste is hot water which is just an unpleasant experience for me. It’s almost cruel that you get the barest idea of the flavour instead of getting the full effect which isn’t what tea is all about.

All in all, it really doesn’t matter to me what other people choose to drink, I just seem to have very strong opinions on why I won’t be jumping on to either of those trains anytime soon.

Tell me in the comments whether you’re with me on this, vehemently against me on either one or both or literally don’t care.

Procrastination Tips

If you’ve followed me even for a short amount of time, you’ll know that I’m kind of an expert on procrastination.

So I’ve helpfully compiled a useful list of tips you can use to waste time more efficiently. These are tried and true, if you were worried about studying too much or getting everything done on your to do list too early, do not fret, this list has got you covered.

- Write a blog post.

- Check facebook. Check twitter. Check tumblr. Repeat.

- Discover a pointless app and obsess over beating it slash getting the high score.

- Go to the bathroom with your phone and don’t come out for a solid 2 hours.

- Cancel plans with people under the guise that you’re going to study and then don’t. It’ll  make you feel amazing!!!

- Learn a new language or instrument. (The more obscure, the better.)

- Take every buzzfeed quiz ever. (Yes it was necessary to learn what type of condiment you are. Wow, I just checked and this is actually a thing.)

benedict cumberbatch

I’m guilty of doing that with Benedict Cumberbatch…

- And while you’re at it watch every buzzfeed video!

- Pick an actor and then watch every movie they’re in, especially ones where it’s only for one scene and bonus points if they don’t talk!

- Show people your cat photo album. (The sad thing is I did that today actually.)

- Start cleaning your room but end in a pile of nostalgia. You know the drill.

- Go through all of your old tweets and make a compilation of your favourites. Then show your mom and see what she says.

- There’s origami tutorials, hair tutorials, make up tutorials and more, youtube is your enabler, go forth and learn.

- Play The Wikipedia Game!

- Get side tracked on Wikipedia and suddenly find yourself a master of horse racing 5 hours later.

- Make a list of lists you need to make and then make those lists in excruciating detail.

- Have a dance party.

- Discover the food in your fridge, don’t be afraid to get creative!

And there you go! Let me know in the comments if you have any amazing procrastination tips :)

//I’ve actually already made the polar opposite list with some study tips that could potentially help you so you can check those out right here.


mockingjay pt 1I’ve had The Hanging Tree stuck in my head for the past 2 days.

If that last sentence didn’t clue you in to what this post is going to be about, I’d like to take this opportunity to point you towards the title, how did you miss that?

The first part of the final movie in The Hunger Games trilogy came out last Friday and my book-to-movie adaptation buddy and I were all over it. We were so ready to hold our pee for 2+ hours to see makeup-less Effie, Natalie Dormer with the coolest haircut ever and a whackload of politics.

If I’m going to be honest, I don’t actually remember much of the plot of the book, it was the whole remember it as you go along deal, but I do know that I liked this book the least of the trilogies mainly because I don’t like bad things happening to characters I like and it was so political.

But I have to say that my overall impression of this movie highly exceeded my expectations!

I was so drawn into the plot that even though I knew enough that nothing was an actual surprise I didn’t notice the time go by. It was only when my friend started guessing at me where they would split it off that I realized it had been that long. Like legitimately I would’ve sat there for 5 hours to watch everything come to a conclusion. (Although my bladder might get some say in whether I took a break or not.) (Why am I talking about peeing so much like calm down you’re 19 years old, Karen)

Speaking of the split off point, (is there like a movie term for this? Halfway mark? Division between part 1 and part 2? Mockingjay bisection?) they did a very great job in giving the movie some kind of conclusion while obviously telling you there’s more and keeping you wondering about what happens to the characters.

Something great about the movie was that they actually explored the bad things President Snow was doing and didn’t try to tone down the people’s struggles. Like it wasn’t just about Katniss and her life and like the 3 people she cares about but instead we see the rebellions in other districts along with Finnick’s story about life after becoming a victor. Glad they kept that in.

Good acting by Josh Hutcherson also must have sucked for him cause he really didn’t get to interact with anyone while filming this half!

Also the like 3 funny parts were funny.

My commentary is kind of petering down and each paragraph is losing more and  more quality so I’m going to end this now. Overall I really enjoyed this movie like I stated earlier it was just excellent compared to the book and I’m slightly bummed that I have to wait an entire year for part two like I will sit through 5 hours for a movie you don’t know how much I need to see this all in one go, movie producers…


Oh hello friends. Let’s pretend there wasn’t a 5 month hiatus on this blog and get straight to what we like talking about most: procrastinating and peeing.

I am currently trying to finish a paper for my business class that is actually worth 20% of my final grade and seriously I had this assignment from the beginning of the school year yet it is only in the last week that I have actually looked at it. Go me. I’ve already gotten tired of perusing social media in attempts to distract myself so at this point I have resorted to reading my own blog and drinking water.

I’ve literally peed 4 times in the last hour and then read an article on how too much water is actually bad for you so my water bottle is going to remain untouched for the next few hours.

What a great way to ease back into the blogging life. I bet this post will get everyone excited for what’s to come. Who doesn’t want to read about someone’s bathroom habits???

Man I get sarcastic when I’m stressed.

A Dream Realized

I can’t believe this actually happened.

So I don’t know how in depth I’m going to go into this story because the little details are sort of personal but the actual point of the story isn’t and I think it’s pretty nifty so y’all are going to hear about it.

It all started after camp 3 or 4 summers ago when one of my friends and I were exchanging snail mail with each other. I didn’t have facebook or a phone at the time and he still wanted to keep in contact post camp adventure so we did the thing and wrote actual letters that we put in the mailbox and it took like a week for it to arrive. You don’t know how amazing instantaneous texting feels like after going through that. But I’m still a huge fan of the classic letter writing.

How To Train Your Dragon came out and instantly became my favourite movie and a paragraph between us was devoted to discussing it’s many amazing features.

When he discovered there was going to be a sequel, we made a promise that we’d go see it with each other in second year university (since the original release date was slated for November) because it wasn’t likely that any of our other friends would actually want to go see an animated movie at that age.

Keep in mind that this was so far back that the second movie was just an idea and nothing was in production and we were already promising to see it in theatres 4 years into the future. So obviously it just faded to the back of our minds and wasn’t something either of us thought of like ever but it was in writing somewhere in my box of received letters.

We saw each other at camp every summer though and went through ups and down in our friendship like there was an 8 month streak where we didn’t speak to each other at all and yeah, the usual stuff that goes down.

In March of this year, I remembered of its existence and texted him out of the blue even though my other friend was like dude that’s really weird and random no one does that and luckily there was a reason we were such good friends because he instantly remembered and was on board with fulfilling our grade 10 promises and that’s the story of how I came to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 last week!

Alone In A Crowd

Does anyone else feel like that?

A couple days ago, I was packing for camp and now, because time is chronological and things make sense, I am currently at camp. It is one of my favourite places on earth and I’ve been coming for the past 13 years so it’s basically a second home for me.

But, again another thing you may have gleaned from me is that I am a very shy and introverted person. Doesn’t mean I don’t like hanging out with my friends and acquaintances, it just means that I can’t do it for a long time and that every interaction is extremely stressful and nerve-wracking for me. I internalize most of it and just am super aware of all the things and still have a good time but yeah.

The thing is, since everyone is friends with everyone, a lot of mixing it up and moving around happens. I kind of feel like the only one that cares about this but I hate it when people jump around from group to group and have quick conversations that end and disband in the blink of an eye. I can’t keep track of everything and feel like I have control of the situation with all that motion. And it’s not a thing that I should dictate what everyone does but it is a thing that happens that I’m not super comfortable.

Referring to the title, it takes me a little longer than most to readjust when things change and I find myself a little stranded as everyone else seems at ease bustling around. I say seems because a lot of them are probably in the same boat and just covering it up as well. I’ve actually had talks with a few of my friends and they get really anxious and just want the actual camp season to start (this is just the training week we’re in right now) where there’s structure and you know where you need to be and it’s just better. But even thought they feel the same, it just doesn’t look like it in my mind. They can always join a conversation at ease and get people to listen to what they have to say while I feel like I’m just on the outskirts and am too insignificant to pay attention to. The thing where people stop listening to what you’re saying halfway through you saying it is a reality for me.

But I’m probably just adjusting to this type of living right now, after having been basically by myself 9 hours a day for 2 months straight (and loving it) and it will get better soon and I will get to know all the new staff members and soon I’ll be wishing for all the down time we have right now because I’ll be so busy and dead on my feet in the near future.

And I don’t want to just rationalize these feelings away like in the paragraph above this because they are real and it’s okay to have them so I guess this is why I’m writing this. If anyone relates or has tips, I’d be glad to hear of them. Or whatever. The internet is big, it could be a thing that no one reads this and that’s also chill since at least I got it all out in words.

Packing My Bags

Actually, in this moment, I’m taking a break from packing my bags to write this post. So yeah.

I leave for camp tomorrow where I’ll spend the next 10 weeks so I’m basically packing away my life right now. It’s hard work.

There’s always that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that I’m forgetting something vital and sometimes it’s completely validated like that one time I forgot a pillow. BUT my sister is coming down two weeks later so I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine until then.

Another problem I’m facing is overpacking. The rooms aren’t the roomiest and you’re sharing with 4 other people so you all have to fit. But it’s camp so you never know the next chance you’ll get to wash all your clothes or what items might be necessary for games and costumes. What a dilemma.

Of course it always helps to make it more stressful when you’ve procrastinated literally an entire 2 months and are barely finished packing the night before. Great job me.

Oh well, I’m so excited about working at camp all summer it really is the place to be!!!


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